June 6, 2012

Record Store Day 2012

Okay, so I know I'm a few weeks late, but I just started this blog so cut me some slack.  I wasn't able to make it out for RSD this year, but I'm lucky enough to have a friend who got everything I wanted anyway, aside from the one Ringworm LP.  More on that in a bit.

First up is All Out War's "Assassins in the House of God."  Some would say this is one of the band's weaker efforts, but I can't agree.  I love everything this band has done - including 2010's very overlooked "Into the Killing Fields."  In all honesty that's probably one of their better releases.  Anyway, back to the records at hand.  This is the first time this release has seen the vinyl treatment.

Record Store Day pressing, limited to 400 copies on pink vinyl.

Next up is Ringworm's "Justice Replaced By Revenge."  Ringworm is one of my favorite bands, period.  So I'm out to collect any and all of their releases.  This marks the first time this has been pressed to vinyl as well.

Record Store Day pressing, limited to 400 copies on white vinyl.

Next up is the second Ringworm LP that was put out by Victory this year exclusively for Record Store Day.  The record store my friend went to didn't have this in stock, so I had to scour eBay the week after RSD in order to secure a copy.  Luckily I was able to find a Buy It Now auction for $15 - which is how much it was being sold for in stores.  Score!  Another Victory release that hasn't been released on vinyl until now.

Record Store Day pressing, limited to 400 copies on yellow vinyl.

Lastly is the Poison Idea reissue that TKO put out this year.  I don't think anything needs to be said about this band.  If you aren't familiar with them and call yourself a fan of hardcore and/or punk, you need to check them out ASAP.

Record Store Day pressing, limited to 1,000 copies on clear vinyl.

Say what you will about Victory's roster at this point, or as a label as a whole.  They are finally putting some crucial releases onto vinyl.  As long as they keep releasing things from All Out War and Ringworm, I'll keep buying!

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