June 10, 2012

Getting Sidetracked

Up for today is a new EP from Sidetracked.  I wanted to say newest EP, but they have so many releases dropping all the time it's hard to know if this is the newest or not.  Either way, it's a solid effort from the band.  It doesn't measure up to the 'Uniform' EP that was released last(?) year, but it's still good, solid fastcore.  One thing I have to point out is that they put a single track on the B side that could have easily been part of the A side.  Not a major issue, just kind of a pain to have to get up and flip the record for a B side that's less than a minute long.

They even do a Nasum cover.  Even though it's only about 0:03 long, it's still a cool idea.

I was able to grab the pre-order mail edition of this release.  Red text on the cover with red vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

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