June 29, 2012


I can't even remember how long I've been waiting for Homewrecker's new LP, Worms and Dirt, to drop.  I've been waiting since I saw them play in a garage around here over a year ago.  They had just dropped their split with The Love Below, and their side of the split was so fucking good, so I was waiting (im)patiently for this to come out.

What we get with this LP is more of that same style - heavy, metallic Clevo hardcore, with a powerviolence influence.  Heavy mosh parts, reverbed vocals, and some heavy-as-balls riffs make for a top grade debut LP.  I can't get enough of this LP right now.  If you have any interest in this style, Cleveland bands, or hardcore in general, do yourself a favor and listen to this.  I know there's at least one stream somewhere online.

This LP reminds me of the Crowd Control LP from two years back, if that helps as a reference point.  Albeit with a cleaner production.  For fans of Crowd Control, Weekend Nachos, other good bands.

Also comes with a huge foldout poster of the album art.

On red/grey split vinyl, limited to probably 150 copies - that's how A389 generally presses things like this.

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