June 25, 2012

A Parallel Hell

Today the mail brings a copy of the much anticipated Gehenna/Integrity split.  Integrity is my favorite band, so it's safe to say I was looking forward to this release.  Gehenna start off side A with a slow build up before exploding into their normal fashion - short, fast, and fucking filthy.  The second track plays in the reverse fashion, starting off fast and then slowing down a bit.  This band breathes pure hate.

On the reverse side Integrity offer up a single track that continues in the fashion of their latest LP, Detonate VVorlds Plague.  It starts off with a metal intro, before Dvvids legendary howls come into play.  If you are into any newer Integ stuff, you will probably dig this track.  It took a few listens for it to sink in but I definitely like it.  That is the same for anything the band has released in the past few years.

Pink vinyl, limited to 200 copies, and long sold out.

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