March 18, 2013

Holy Grail

I've finally done it.  It took years of collecting, but I've finally acquired the rarest (known) variant of my favorite record of all time.  A few weeks back Six Feet Under was selling upwards of 500 punk/metal/hardcore records on eBay, which included this pink copy of Integrity's 'Humanity Is The Devil.'  I've had a second press copy of this on black with the silver sleeve for a while now, but if you know me you know that second presses aren't good enough - especially when it's an Integrity record.  This variant comes up so rarely that when it does show up, it always goes for a lot.  This time was no different.  Knowing I had just gotten my tax return and that it would be months before I got another shot at snagging this, I put in the highest bid I've ever placed on anything and thankfully won.

Other than a few creases in the cover, this thing is in great condition.  The record itself plays flawlessly and includes the blood book and an old Victory mail order catalog.  Man, did this label go way downhill or what?

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