March 6, 2013

World Unfolds

Mind Eraser is one of my favorite bands of the last decade - actually maybe ever.  This is their 'The Prodigal Son Brings Death' EP from 2008.  In my recent pickup of the No Tolerance 7" test press, I also upgraded my copy of this Mind Eraser 7" to a more rare variant, for a cheap price too.  Aside from the 'Glacial Reign' LP, this is some of the band's best material.  I was VERY bummed to hear in an interview with DFJ (ME's vocalist) that the band was going to call it quits after their next LP.  It's bittersweet news because I'm more than a little excited about the new LP, but bummed about them disbanding.  Oh well, can't win them all.

Orange/black mix vinyl, limited to 200 copies.  Also, it's kinda lame how the font on the insert is completely illegible.

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