March 15, 2013

Still Relevant

In 2013 comps aren't really necessary.  In the past comps were good for finding new bands to check out, and often had songs exclusive to the records.  However in this day with the internet available, you can check out (almost) any band with a quick search - it's not hard to find new bands.  With that said, the second release on John Caution's (of Weekend Nachos fame) new label, Bad Teeth Recordings, is a comp called 'Wake Up Dead.'  There are an awesome collection of bands on here, some of which I hadn't heard (surprisingly) until this record.  These are all new/previously unreleased songs from Curmudgeon, To The Point, Sex Prisoner, Sucked Dry, Thick Skin, and The Repos.  Included is an eight page booklet, one page per band, and a note from the man himself.  All of the songs are jammers - no filler on this thing.  I got in early enough to grab a red copy.  Looking forward to the next few releases on Bad Teeth including, but not limited to; new Sex Prisoner 7" and the debut/final LP from Sorry Excuse.

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