March 28, 2013

Three Way

Here is the recent three way split  with ACxDC, Magnum Force, and Sex Prisoner on a one sided 10" record, put out by To Live A Lie Records.  Going into this I wasn't a fan of ACxDC, as I thought their previous material was kind of boring.  However on this record they really stepped it up and crushed it.  Their portion of the split is seriously good.  Next up is Magnum Force who I've been a fan of since their last 7" on TLAL.  They bring their early Magrudergrind style of fastcore infused grind to the table.  Last but not least is Sex Prisoner.  I love their previous material, and this is no different.  Mosh-heavy powerviolence done very well.

As you can see in the pictures, the B-side was screen printed.    The insert is a four page booklet, with one page dedicated to each band.  This thing is solid all around.  Purple marble vinly was limited to 100 copies and has since sold out.

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