April 29, 2013

Down The Stairs

Here is the only recorded output (besides a demo) by Massachusetts straight edge band Drug Test.  Early 2000's style hardcore similar to Striking Distance, Right Brigade, etc.  First up is the band's 'Needle In Your Neck' EP released on Walk All Night Records.  This is the record release version, hand numbered out of 100 copies.  This is probably my single favorite EP from the early 2000's crop of bands playing this style of hardcore.  Down the Stairs is such a good fucking song.

Next up is the band's split with RNR.  Two songs from each band.  This is the last show press available at Drug Test's final show.  What's funny about this version of the split is there is no mention of RNR other than the back cover - no track list, no credits, nothing.  Weird, but that's okay since I'm not really into their side of the split.  This one is also hand numbered out of 100 copies.

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