April 5, 2013

Father of Skin

Let me just start this off by saying it's really cool to see a band that you've helped out going somewhere.  I'm not trying to say that if I didn't put out Skinfather's demo it wouldn't have seen the light of day, or that no one could have done it as well as I did (because neither of those things are true), it's just a cool thing to see them going somewhere.  Anyway, back to the record at hand.  The band's previous material was a good mix of old school Swedish death metal and heavy metallic hardcore (think Dismember meets All Out War), which I really liked a lot.  With that being said, their new EP 'Succession/Possession' blows the demo out of the water.  Gone are most of the hardcore leanings and what is left is a very good homage to the originators of the classic Swedish sound.  Besides two new songs there is a cover of the almighty Unleashed.  The lyrics are also very un-Christian.  What's not to like about this band?

This was put out by Life and Death Records out of Germany and the green/black mix variant was limited to only 50.  I see big things for this band in the future.

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