April 10, 2013

Gone Dull

Here is the new 7" from El Monte's (in LA) own Disapproval, aptly titled 'El Monte Youth Authority.'  What you get here is a great take on the style of hardcore Think I Care was playing a decade ago.  I mean this really does sound like 'Mongrel' era TIC to me, therefore I love the shit out of it.  On top of that add a layer of straight edge and you have Disapproval.  This is a very good EP and will most likely make my best of list this year.  I can't say too much about this other than if you like TIC or bands like that, check this out.

Juggernaut Records handled the release in Europe, and Thickskin Records handled the domestic release.  There a lot of different color variants for the U.S. release, and I ended up with a mustard copy, limited to 23.  I'll take it.

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