April 20, 2013

Where's The Violence

I know that today is Record Store Day and what I'm posting is not a RSD release.  I didn't get a chance to go out to any stores today, but was able to order a few things that I wanted from Deathwish.  I know that defeats the purpose of RSD in the first place, but I wasn't going to have another chance to pick those things up unless I wanted to pay double on eBay in a few days.  Since the stuff I ordered obviously isn't here yet I figured I'd post about a record I've been meaning to for a while.

This is the debut by Richmon's Barge on the newly formed Vinyl Conflict label.  Their new EP 'No Gain' is a continuation of their demo, but also a step up in song writing.  I loved their demo from last year and this EP is better in every way.  Better recordings, songwriting, and there are more songs.  I love how this band can switch between 80's hardcore and powerviolence on the fly, and make it sound good.  This EP brings to mind some of Mind Eraser's earlier material, which is a hell of a compliment in my book.

I believe red is limited to 100 copies and is still available at the Grave Mistake webstore.  Don't sleep on this band.

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