April 14, 2013

Stomped Out

This weekend was the first (hopefully of many) Damaged City Fest, held in Washington D.C.  I wasn't able to make Friday night due to work but I was there all day yesterday, and was able to catch some of my favorite current hardcore bands.  There were a bunch of labels/distros there, and I was able to snag several of my most anticipated upcoming records - before they were available elsewhere.

The first one I'm going to post about is my most anticipated release for the year: the Violent Reaction LP - 'City Streets' put out on Painkiller Records.  The 7" from last year was my favorite release of 2012 and I am thinking this LP will be my favorite of this year.  The band played my favorite set of the weekend too.  I think at this point it's safe to say I'm a fanboy. The songs on the LP are a continuation of the 7"; 80's straight edge UKHC/USHC mixed with an Oi! influence.  This record is honestly perfect to me and will be extremely hard to top for the rest of this year.  I was stoked to see they were selling color copies too.

I also picked up yet another copy of the band's self titled EP at the fest.  This appears to be a test press for the U.S. release on 6131/Mind Rot Records, which were given special covers for the fest.  I couldn't pass up that SSD RIP.


  1. fuck. wish i knew you were going to this.

  2. Sorry man, if I had thought about it I would have messages you beforehand.

  3. Wow, super jealous. I need to get into record trading with you haha.

  4. Heck yeah dude! Send me an email - dustinsheffer1@gmail.com