August 29, 2012

Get Fucked Up

Finally, the first LP from D.C.'s Sick Fix is out.  Sharing members with Coke Bust, (and I'm sure other bands) Sick Fix plays hardcore in the vein of the aforementioned, Blank Stare, Poison Planet, etc.  Their prior EP was released on ThirdxParty Records if that's any help with what they may sound like.  This LP is good.  Really good.  Kind of an odd release for A389 Records (since there is nothing really metallic, or metal about this) but I love that Dom branches out and releases things that aren't always similar.  I love that he releases whatever the hell he wants.

For me, the highlight of this record is the drumming.  Chris Moore, who also plays drums in Coke Bust, Magrudergrind, and Disciples of Christ is behind the kit in this band as well.  I love the start/stop drumming of his other bands, but I think this is Chris' best recorded effort.  The pace, fills, and creativity on display are all top notch.  He is easily one of my favorite drummers in the genre.

Limited to 150 copies, on 'dirty orange' vinyl.

While I was picking up this record, I also snagged one of the last copies of the 7" that A389 put out for Gehenna's recent east coast stint.  This 7" combines the songs that were on the band's splits with Blind to Faith and California Love (also released by A389).  To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the first two tracks, but the one on the B side sees the band getting back to basics.

Black vinyl, hand-numbered out of 125 copies.  This is number 120.

August 27, 2012

My Edge

I love hardcore.  I love powerviolence.  I love straight edge.  On Feelings of Expiration Stress Relief bring all three to the table, and do it very well if you ask me.  Although nothing groundbreaking, they do the start/stop powerviolence style very well.  There's really not too much to say about this.  If you like this style of music, I'd definitely say check out this band.  Released by Mind Melt Enterprises, with a hand screened cover.

I like this EP so much that I've ordered a test press copy and one of their demo tapes.  I'm sure they'll make their way to the blog once they arrive.  As always, sorry for the less than stellar pictures.

Purple vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

It's a pretty bare layout.  Fold over cover, with a paper insert including the lyrics and credits.  Again, sorry for the blurry picture, but there's nothing overly spectacular on display here anyway.

August 17, 2012


Here we have the first EP from Long Island's Provider.  NYHC in the vein of Outburst, Madball, etc.  To be honest, this sounds A LOT like Backtrack, and I'm more than okay with that.  Put out by Life To Live Records, there was a special preorder cover limited to 75 copies - the standard procedure for the label at this point.

I'm generally not one to collect every variant of a record, but there are always exceptions to the rule.  I liked the artwork for the standard cover enough to get a copy of that as well.

Although it looks more like a red here, it's actually an orange color.  Limited to 150 copies.

I'm definitely interested to hear this band's next release.  I'm a sucker for this type of hardcore, if it's done right.  There are still copies of all colors, including the preorder cover, available at Life To Live's store HERE.  Pick up copies of the Tinnitus, Harbinger, and Paranoid tapes while you're at it! (I put those out on my label.)

August 14, 2012

Bear It

Sorry (to the the few people who actually read this) for the lack of posts recently - I've been in the process of moving so I haven't had much time to update the blog.  However, today's update is a rather cool one.  The split 5" from Masakari and Grin and Bear It, pressed by Halo of Flies, Allergic to Fun, and Roots of All Evil Collective.  I've been keeping up on this on the Halo of Flies Facebook page, and it seems to have been delayed at the pressing plant for several weeks.  Alas, it showed up at my door yesterday and it's a nice little piece of wax.

The Masakari track on offer here is a bit different from their previous outings.  It starts off in their normal fashion, but the band slows things down for the remainder of the track.  All in all, a good change of pace for the band.

While the Masakari side is good (as expected), Grin and Bear It's side is the better of the two.  Three tracks of pure fastcore, complete with samples.  The first track even has a little grind segment.  Awesome.

Pre orders got a screen printed cover, limited to the exact number of pre orders received.

It's a little peculiar that the screen printed cover is the same exact art as the standard cover too.  No hand numbering or anything on the screen printed cover.  Weird, but still cool.

Black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.