October 31, 2012


Two 7"s by newer bands playing the powerviolence style.  Tinnitus' debut EP, Gehenna.  I actually released this EP as a tape on my little label, Look Alive Records, a few months back.  Here the EP sees a vinyl release by the mighty To Live A Lie Records.  Taking cues from the greats like No Comment, Neanderthal, etc., this is some really well done (in my opinion) powerviolence worship.

The other record here is the Maladapted EP by Pennsylvania's Backslider.  Also released by To Live A Lie and a few others if memory serves.  Ultra negative, two piece fastcore/powerviolence unit.  I can't help but be reminded of older Iron Lung when I listen to this band, but that might just be because each band only has two members.

I decided to go ahead and upload a picture of the tape version of the Tinnitus EP that I released, just for comparison.  I've long since sold out of these tapes so grab a vinyl copy from TLAL or a distro, it's well worth it.

October 26, 2012


The opening track on the self titled LP from Victoria, BC's own Six Brew Bantha starts in a way that would make you think you're going to be disappointed in the record.  The beginning of the song was recorded to purposely sound like utter shit, but this only lasts for a short while until the awesome production of the record kicks in to showcase how tight this three piece can be.  The guitars cut through in a mean way, the vocals are maniacal, and the snare tone is perfect for this type of grindcore band.  This LP is a HUGE step up from previous releases by the band.  It's almost like a night/day difference between this and their earlier material.  Along with the new Pig Destroyer record (which I'm sure will blow me away), this is up there for top grind record released this year.  Co-released by no less than a plethora of labels, I believe 8 to be exact, I grabbed this one from To Live A Lie.  If you have any interest in grindcore at all, listen to this band.

October 25, 2012

Too Much Unity

I love Waste Management.  Their newest offering, Power Abuse, is an excellent display of current Boston hardcore.  I know I'm late to the game on this, but I had a copy of this on blue (this exact one, actually) then traded it away.  The person I traded it to ended up not being that into it, so I gladly got it back from him in another trade.  So it's kind of new to me right?  I don't care because it's so good that I felt the need to post about it.  I'd rank this band right up there with other current Boston acts like The Rival Mob, No Tolerance, etc.

I love the artwork for this one too.  Really reminds me of the art for Cause For Alarm.  Blue vinyl from the first press, out of 200-some copies.

October 23, 2012

Fighting Music

Two OG powerviolence-related records for today.  First up is the Baser Apes 7" by Rupture, released by Slap A Ham in 1993.  I believe this band was based out of Australia.  Maybe SEAN can help with that?  Not one of my favorite bands of this style, but this is a very solid 7".  I think there was also a green pressing of this record.

Next is the Rorschach/Neanderthal split.  This split was put out by Veriform Records and originally came with issue #38 of a zine called Dear Jesus.  Unfortunately I don't have the zine.  This is the first time I've ever given Rorschach a solid listen and I'm liking what I hear.  I've got to say that Neanderthal is the better side though, and I'd take Neanderthal's side of this split over the aforementioned Rupture 7" as well.

October 22, 2012

In Need of Painkillers

Here are two 7"s put out on one of my current favorite labels - the mighty Painkiller Records.  First up is Dry-Rot's 'Subordinate.'  I was able to snag this for a whopping $3 on eBay a few days back, which is a major score in my book.  Dry-Rot play(ed)s a weird style of hardcore that is difficult to describe.  All I can say is that if you like hardcore that's off the beaten path you will enjoy this band.  The packaging for this one is really cool.  The sleeve is actually a 20 page booklet with the lyrics, credits, and illustrations within.  I really like the art style that's going on in here.

Next up is a 7" that I already had, but not on color.  The same seller had this copy of 'Human Hatred' by Vaccine listed for another whopping $3, so I couldn't pass it up.  If you don't know them, Vaccine plays straight edge powerviolence influenced hardcore.  The songs by this band rarely exceed the 1 minute mark.  For example, there are 10 songs on this 7" and the entire thing clocks in at a little over 4 minutes.  This style of music done well is unfuckwithable, and this band definitely nails it.  The sleeve for this one folds out into a 4 panel X.  NICE.  This first press color copy will replace my first press on black.  Anyone interested in my black copy?

October 19, 2012


Here's another Floorpunch record that I've acquired recently.  The Division One Champs 7" released by In My Blood Records in the mid 90's.  Floorpunch is easily one of my favorite hardcore bands, so it makes sense that I'd get every record of theirs that I can.

This is the third pressing with the green lettering.  Black vinyl, out of 925 copies.

My friend has a clear copy of Twin Killing.  I may have to try and get that from him next.

October 17, 2012


In keeping up with yesterday's post, here is another band of the same ilk.  Sex Vid from Washington play a similar style of noise drenched hardcore to Cult Ritual, and enjoyed about the same amount of hype as CR as well.  Seriously, when this band was active you couldn't get any of their records on the cheap.

First up is the Tania EP, released on the band's own label - Dom America.  As you can see below, I scored a copy of the 3rd pressing of this EP.

The only LP the band released - Communal Living.  There are only 8 songs on here clocking in at about 14.5 minutes, so this could have almost been another 7".  This one is from the 1st press.  There was a 2nd press done on red if memory serves correctly.

October 16, 2012


Cult Ritual is a band that I've been a fan of for a while now.  Back when the band was active there was an INSANE amount of hype surrounding them.  So much so, that the few records I have here would have cost me close to $200 total for the lot.  Lucky for me (and other collector scum) that the hype has died down since the band has broken up, and these things are easier to get now.

First up is the band's first EP on Burrito Records.  There were 1,000 of these things pressed, on as many as 30 different color variations.  My copy is on a teal color.

Next up is the band's 3rd EP, released by Drugged Conscience Records.  This is a first press copy with the brown card stock cover.  The second pressing had grey textured covers.  Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.

The last 7" here is the 'Holidays' single.  This was released as a tour only 7" featuring a different version of the track 'Holidays' taken from the LP.  Released on Life's A Rape Records.

Lastly, the band's sole LP.  This is the tour version of the LP on red/maroon vinyl, with a double-sided screened sleeve.  Limited to 200 copies.

The only vinyl released by the band that is missing here is the 2nd EP.  I do have a copy of that record, but for some reason I didn't dig it out to take pictures.  Oh well.  I now have a full collection of their vinyl output, so I'm happy.

October 15, 2012

Two 7"s On A 12"

Here's a band that needs no introduction.  The Minor Threat LP, or Two 7"s On A 12", is a compilation of the bands' first two 7"s.  Probably the most influential hardcore band of all time alongside Black Flag.  I was lucky enough to grab a first pressing with the red cover in a recent trade.  I'm always more partial to a first pressing, as opposed to a later pressing.  Man, I wish records were still only $4.00 PPD!


October 12, 2012

Stabbed to Death

Stab's '...Nation Rising' is a display of classic styled UKHC.  Taking obvious cues from bands like Ripcord and Heresy, you know what to expect here.  Originally released by Quality Control HQ, I recently picked up a copy of the US press as well, courtesy of Painkiller.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I don't generally go after multiple versions of the same record.  However, if I like the band enough and the covers/layouts are different I may be inclined to acquire multiple copies.  Such is the case for Stab.

I grabbed the original press from Quality Control HQ when it was initially released.  I was lucky enough to get a color copy as well.  Pretty bare layout as you can see.  The lyrics and credits are printed on the back of the sleeve.  Green vinyl, limited to 75 copies I believe.

And here is the Painkiller release - with a redone layout.  I prefer the look of this one.  Again, the lyrics are printed on the back of the sleeve.  All copies pressed on black, limited to 375.

And here are the two of them side by side.  Looking at some of these pictures I realize how terrible the lighting in this room is.  Maybe I should start taking pictures in a room with better lighting.  Does anyone care?

October 10, 2012

It's Natural

Natural Law is a band whose members reside in both NYC and DC, and you can hear that in their music.  Mixing late era Minor Threat with some more melodic bands of the same time period, you have Natural Law.  The 'Find the Flock' LP the band released earlier this year was a huge step up from their previous material, but I think this 7" is their best material.  Pressed by Hardware Records out of Germany, this EP was originally released as a tape back in 2010 so I'm glad to see it pressed to wax.

On white vinyl, limited to 110 copies.  I like the art on this record, but it's kind of a bummer there aren't any lyrics included.  Oh well.

While I was picking up the Natural Law 7" I figured I'd grab (another) copy of the Urban Blight 'Total War' 7" to justify the shipping cost.  I had traded away my original copy of this EP and decided I wanted it back - something I seem to do too often.  If you don't know, Urban Blight plays a style of hardcore I can only describe as the "Toronto" sound.  Mean, ugly hardcore influenced by Agnostic Front, Negative Approach, etc.  The sleeve folds out into a 6 panel poster.  Sucks that this band is calling it a day.

October 9, 2012

Brain Scares

A recent order from Deranged Records out of Canada brought some killer new records yesterday.  First up is the new EP from the mid-west's Brain Tumors, 'Fuck You Forever.'  Killer hardcore punk in the vein of any fast, pissed hardcore punk bands you already like.

Since I'm a nerd I opted for the color version of this record, and man does it look awesome.  A really nice pink color that goes perfectly with the ink for the text on the sleeve.

The other record here is the new EP from Ottawa's Pregnancy Scares.  Another band that plays pissed off hardcore, but with a bit more feedback/noise than the previously mentioned band.  I can see fans of Cult Ritual eating this up.  Very minimal layout - no lyrics/insert/credits/etc.  But sometimes less is more, right?