May 28, 2014


D.C. has been a hotbed for quality hardcore bands as of late.  Another band to add to the list of quality coming from the capitol is Misled Youth and their debut EP.  Sharing members with Coke Bust you can assume this band shares at least a few similarities with them, and you'd be correct in doing so.  However Misled Youth doesn't go for the balls to the wall speed that Coke Bust does.  They may have more similarities to early youth crew (musically, not really lyrically) than Coke Bust.  Split release on Society Bleeds and Refuse Records.  I preordered this record back before Damaged City fest, but the band had record release versions available at the fest.  So naturally I had to pick one up.

May 27, 2014

Life In A Noose

In keeping up with my last post here is another slab of early NY styled hardcore for you.  This time the wax comes from Detroit's own straight edge powerhouse Freedom in the form of 'Pay the Price.'  I posted about the band's previous demo a few weeks ago and this is more a continuation on that, albeit with longer, more structured songs.  Another great release from this band.  Back To Back Records, limited to 150 copies on white.

May 26, 2014

Unwelcome Mat

Social Damage from Indianapolis are a straight edge band that pulls influence from the heyday of NYHC; namely Straight Ahead and early Agnostic Front.  The band originally released a demo or two under the moniker Blind Justice, but changed their name due to the band with the same name out of New Jersey.  As Social Justice the band has released two demos, which have been compiled onto a single 7" by Straight & Alert Records out of France(?)  Six tracks of expertly done Straight Ahead worship.  This shit seriously kills it.  I can't wait for more material from this band.  There were 100 pre order copies on gold available with a Breakdown rip sleeve, which actually looks pretty sweet.

May 24, 2014

Choosing Sides

It's no secret that I'm quite fond of New Jersey's Altered Boys.  Having released a solid demo and two fantastic EP's, here we have the band's latest recorded effort.  Originally released on tape format by Bleeding Edges, the 'Left Behind b/w Choosing Sides' EP has been pressed to vinyl by Mad At The World Records.  Two more tracks in the same style as their previous releases.  At this point I'm convinced this band can do no wrong.  Still hoping for an LP at some point.  100 copies pressed on yellow wax.

May 21, 2014

Get Lost

Stop and Think is held in fairly high regards as far as early 2000's Boston hardcore bands go.  The band only released two demos but that didn't stop them from becoming quite a big deal.  This LP version of both demos was a joint released by Painkiller and Lockin Out, and definitely has that Lockin Out sound.  There were 300 copies pressed with a Straight Ahead rip sleeve for Posi Numbers Fest in 2003.  I was lucky enough to snag one of those for a pretty decent price.

Look at those old logos for both Painkiller and Lockin Out!

May 20, 2014

War Pervert

Here's the Gas Rag demo pressed to wax by Not Normal Tapes (Records?)  Like the last post I made about this band, this is raging d-beat inspired hardcore punk.  Not much else to it.  Blisteringly fast, straight forward.  I'm thinking that this is a band you either love or hate, and I'm leaning toward the former for myself.  Piss yellow wax.  Seems fitting.

May 13, 2014

Use Only As Directed

The Oblivionation demo that dropped in 2012 was a 3 song display of expertly executed hardcore punk.  Consisting of members of Out Cold and Bloodkrow Butcher, it's not hard to see why the demo was so good.  Fast forward a few months and talk of several EP's and an LP start to surface, and I start to get excited.  Not until a few months ago did any more releases from the band actually see the light of day, but it was worth the wait.  "Cult of Culture" was put out on Man In Decline Records in the US and Hardware Records in Europe.  Four more tracks of ripping hardcore punk, very similar to that of the (classic) Out Cold.

May 7, 2014


As most people who are into this sub-genre of music are aware, Napalm Death is quite possibly the first grindcore band.  As such, their debut LP, "Scum" is one of the earliest examples of the sub-sub-genre.  The pressing information for this LP seems to be uncertain - there were multiple color covers done all around the same time for the release in various countries, so who knows which the true first pressing is.  Does it matter?  I was just happy to score a copy that's in this great of shape since a lot of copies you see are pretty tattered.  Completely essential listening here folks.