September 28, 2015

The Protocols of Anti-Sound

I (like I'm sure everyone else) go through phases in music.  Meaning right now I'm pretty into grindcore, and other times I'll listen to mostly death metal, or hardcore, etc.  Having said that I figured I'd post about a record that I acquired while the blog was on hiatus.  I'm speaking of the self titled LP from DC's Magrudergrind.  I had a clear (third press) copy of this LP for quite a while but decided that since it's in my top 5 grind LP's ever that I'd track down a first pressing.

Up until this release I was lukewarm on this band but when I heard this LP it blew me away.  I think that's partly because their older material had a different guitarist, coupled with the beefed up production on this LP.  Three-piece punk-oriented grind from the nation's capitol.  This shit is pure gold.  If you're into this I'd also recommend checking out the Crusher EP they released after this one.  It was announced a few months ago that their new LP will be released on Relapse, so I'm looking forward to that.  This vinyl version was put out by Six Weeks Records and the CD version was released on Willowtip.

September 25, 2015

The Fashion Parade

Knife Fight is (was?) a killer early 2000's band that plays early 80's influenced USHC - namely Negative Approach.  While I like all of this band's material, their first few releases are definitely their better output, with this demo being among the top.  Four originals and a Nihilistics cover on a one-sided 7" played at 45 RPM.  Fuck yeah.  I believe Painkiller had this vinyl version of the demo pressed to go along with the Isolated EP that was put out on that label.  For those who missed the first few Knife Fight EP's Painkiller is said to be putting together a compilation 12" of them at some point, but that was first seen/heard of quite a while ago so who knows when that will actually surface.

September 22, 2015

Paper & Steel

NYC's Ajax are one of the top current USHC bands in my opinion.  They play a combination of early 80's driving hardcore punk with Totalitär influenced riffs thrown in.  That's the best way I can describe it.  This is the domestic pressing handled by Beach Impediment, with a euro pressing available from Static Shock Records.  Definitely one of the best 7"s to drop this year.

September 21, 2015

Hell to Pay

Concealed Blade out of Pittsburgh, PA released one of my favorite demos of 2015.  I passed on a cassette version (since I've decided to not buy many/any cassettes anymore because I don't listen to them) so I was quite excited to hear that the demo was being pressed to vinyl.  Released in the US on the always reliable Beach Impediment Records (and Hardware Records in Europe) here is the clear version of said demo, limited to 100 copies.  For those unaware of how this band sounds, they could best be likened to a faster late 80's NYHC type band.  Really great stuff all around.  Members of Hounds of Hate, Blood Pressure, etc.

September 8, 2015

Give Us the Truth

Lip Cream were among the first wave of Burning Spirits bands from Japan in the early-mid 80's.  This is their first proper LP, "Kill Ugly Pop" released on Captain Records.  For those unfamiliar with this band, as previously stated they have that Burning Spirits sound, albeit a bit thrashier than some of their peers.  One of my favorites of this wave of bands for sure.  I believe a lot of copies of this LP either didn't come with an insert initially, or at this point no longer have one.  I was lucky to score a copy that does include the insert.

September 2, 2015

Conditioned and Dehumanized

I've posted about DC's Genocide Pact HERE and HERE so it should come as no surprise that I was looking forward to the band's debut LP, 'Forged Through Domination,' when A389 Records announced it a few months back.  Continuing on in the same tradition as the band's demo and the teaser 7" this LP houses 7 tracks of what is essentially Bolt Thrower worship, in the best way possible.  I'd say this is easily the band's best material to date, containing a lot of their best riffs, and definitely their best drum parts.  To be fair, I haven't listened to many death metal releases this year but even if I had this would still be among the top of those releases.  My only gripe is that this is only 7 songs instead of 10-11.