November 28, 2013

One Last Time

I don't generally like live albums.  Most of the time they just seem like a greatest hits record, played in front of a live audience.  I tend to stay away from purchasing them at all, but couldn't resist for the 'Live Munitions' LP from The Repos.  This was originally released on Record Store Day this year, but was recently repressed by Youth Attack on clear and blue.  Manic hardcore punk.  Easily one of the most consistently good bands of this generation.  Limited to 200 copies on clear.

November 26, 2013

Crimson Streets

Debut (?) tape from blown out Denver hardcore unit, City Hunter.  Got this in the recent Youth Attack update.  The first thing that needs to be said about this tape is the awesome packaging.  Music aside (not that it's bad), this package rules.  I love the whole 70's/80's slasher theme that this band has taken on.  The case for the tape is similar to that of an old VHS tape, complete with an awesome tagline ("...'Til the blade goes dull!") and stills from the would be movie on the back.  Some of the coolest packaging I've seen for any record/tape in a long time - well worth the price of admission alone.  Musically this band is fairly standard fare as far as Youth Attack (and related) releases go.  Super blown out hardcore punk.  Not bad at all, but I would like to hear these songs with a better production.  I believe this is the first release for Blackout Rage Records, and it's set the standard pretty high.  I think an EP is to follow on Youth Attack at some point as well.

November 25, 2013

Menial Subsistence

Another ripper of a band that includes Connor of Abuse. and Protestor, here is the Genocide Pact demo.  Again we have Connor covering drums, along with members of DC grind band Disciples of Christ filling in the rest of the ranks.  What you get with this 4 song demo isn't hardcore or grind though, it's early 90's style Florida death metal, more specifically Obituary style death metal.  Fans of contemporaries Mammoth Grinder are also sure to be into this band.  Really, really great stuff here.  Definitely one of my favorite demos so far this year.

Not really much to look at as far as packaging, however Malokul Records (run by one of the guys from this band) just put up preorders for the 7" version of this demo, which I'm sure has a bit more to the packaging.  That can be purchased HERE.

November 24, 2013

Bitch Pleaza

The Limit of Destruction LP put out by Rampage is top 5 material as far as Lockin' Out Records releases go.  A mix of the classic 'bouncy' Lockin' Out sound and NYHC make this a monster of an LP.  Plus lyrics like "Lean and mean and lots of protein, lifting weights - that's my scene," you can't go wrong.  I heard the band may be releasing some new material at some point, so hopefully that sees the light of day.  I've only ever seen this LP on this orange/blue/red mix and heard it's limited to 500 copies, but who knows.

November 20, 2013

Still Ill

I love Weekend Nachos.  They are a band that has only gotten better with age, and their new LP, 'Still' is no exception.  Picking up where 'Worthless' left off, this is some heavy pv influenced hardcore.  If you didn't like this band before now I doubt this LP will change your mind, but it's a great addition to their discography.  Deep Six Records.

November 16, 2013


Another recent pick up from a band that's playing the A389 Bash in January, here is the "Fuck America" EP from Ontario's Haymaker, released on Deranged Records.  Another band that I'm very stoked to see - they were killer at the bash back in 2011.  This EP is on par with the rest of their stuff - fast, sometimes thrashy hardcore punk that is PISSED.  While Haymaker isn't exactly active, some members currently play in Pick Your Side, which sounds almost exactly like this band.  It was just announced a few days ago that there will be a new Haymaker EP out in time for the bash in January, which I'm sure I will be posting about at some point.

November 15, 2013

Judge Me

Hugely influential to A LOT of the music I listen to, here is what is commonly referred to as the "Mankind" EP from the almighty INFEST.  Originally released on Draw Blank Records, then later reissued by Draw Blank/Deep Six, this is from the second press of the original Draw Blank run.  As is the case with most copies of this version with the over-sized sleeve, the top is a little rugged.  Not too bad though.  Very essential stuff here.  Can't wait to see the band in January at the A389 Bash.

November 6, 2013

(Youth Crew) Hardcore Still Lives

Nowadays I don't find myself listening to too many current youth crew styled bands.  I still throw on the classics often enough, but haven't been keeping up with many current bands of this style - save for a few.  Ancient Heads are a straight edge (duh) band from Toronto (?) repping the classic youth crew sound to a T.  VERY well done in my opinion.  This is both of the band's demo tapes pressed onto a single 7", and put out on Climbin' Aboard Records.  I believe there were 50 of these pressed with the silver AH ink on the cover, and 250 with green AH ink on the cover, all on clear vinyl.  I also got a copy of the green cover, but that's literally the only difference between the variants, so I didn't feel the need to snap a photo of that one too.

New 7" due out on React! Records soon.

November 1, 2013

Paper Thin

Another solid release from Triple B Records this year, the debut EP from Boston's Our Side.  Reminiscent of early 2000's hardcore, this is pretty straight forward stuff.  Fans of other current bands like Caught In A Crowd, Clear, etc. will dig this for sure.

100 copies on clear vinyl.