May 29, 2013

The Ark of the Covenant

Morbid Angel is a staple in American Death Metal.  Forming in the late 80's the band is still active to this day.  Sure, their latest record was one huge turd but their first few are straight up classic displays of US death metal.  'Covenant' is one of their highest regarded records, and for good reason.  This record shows some deviation from their prior releases in that there are some grooves/different vocal stylings, and one of the tracks is pretty much a straight up punk song.  Don't get me wrong though, this is definitely a death metal record by one of the greatest in the genre.

I believe this is the Brazilian press of this record.

May 23, 2013

Damage, Inc

Metallica is one of the biggest bands in the world.  Their first four full lengths are all good in my book, with 'Master of Puppets' being my favorite.  From straight thrashers like the title track to some of the other songs that incorporate slower/instrumental parts, this really is a masterpiece of the genre.  A thrashterpiece if you will?  I believe this is a first press on Elektra.

May 22, 2013

Cashing In

Add the UK's Obstruct to my ever-growing list of top notch straight edge bands coming from across the pond.  Following a demo from last year (which I have coming in the mail at some point) this band plays a early 80's UK/USHC hardcore, very similar to fellow Englishmen Violent Reaction and The Flex.  This thing reminds me a lot of the VxR EP that dropped last year and like that, I've been listening to this thing a ton.  Put out on Northern Wisdom records, I snagged a copy of orange vinyl, limited to 100 copies.  This single sided 7" is by far the thickest/heaviest 7" I've ever seen.  It's almost the weight of two 7"s combined.

May 21, 2013

Kill Again

Slayer is one of the most important bands of all time.  Having immense influence on the metal genre as a whole, I'd say just about any current band would cite them as being an influence - as well as many hardcore bands.  But you already know all of that.  On to the record at hand.  This is the band's 1985 LP, ' Hell Awaits.'  I'd argue that this is some of the band's best material, behind 'Reign In Blood' and 'Seasons In The Abyss.'  I believe this is a first press on Metal Blade and Combat Records, it has the printed inner sleeve.  One of the most important bands in history.  RIP Jeff Hanneman.

May 20, 2013

I Am The Judge

Seeing as how Judge just played two reunion shows this past weekend and was just confirmed for This Is Hardcore this year, this seems like a very fitting post.  This is of course the first 7" by the band, 'New York Crew.'  The initial press was put out on Schism Records, with Revelation doing a repress later.  This is from the first run of Rev presses with the orange cover.  Blue vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies.  This is the band's best material in my opinion.

May 18, 2013

Shamed or Honored

Another day, another demo tape.  This time from Swedish straight edge band Correction.  Obvious MOB47 vibes, the band also includes some USHC influence in these tunes.  The songs go from fast to slow stomp part in the blink of an eye.  Members of Sectarian Violence, this band has a similar sound to them.  If you're into that band, definitely check out Correction.

May 17, 2013

Chicago HC

Two new demos from two very promising Chicago hardcore bands.  First up is the Gas Rag demo.  I had been seeing this band's name everywhere and was finally able to snag a copy.  Very good early 80's hardcore punk on display here.  New EP due out soon on Beach Impediment Records and I've heard the tracks SMOKE.

Second demo is from a band called Future Cops.  This takes more of a fastcore approach.  The layout on this tape is very clever.  It's an emulated speeding ticket, with all the recording/band credits, and lyrics.  Pretty awesome.

May 16, 2013

No Contest

Here is the new demo from Boston/DC hardcore band Big Contest.  Straight up late 80's inspired hardcore in the vein of Breakdown's '87 demo.  Some seriously good stuff going on here.  Members of Free Spirit, Intent, etc. too.  Not much else to say other than I'm looking forward to hearing more from them.  Cool artwork too.

May 14, 2013

Black Out

This is the self titled LP from Boston's Think I Care.  Heavy on the mosh parts, this is some of the band's best material.  I recently bought this from someone on Discogs for a stupid cheap price, seeing as how a black copy just ended on eBay for $56 (what the fuck?)  I only need a copy of the 'Mongrel' 10" and their second LP 'World Asylum' (which I'm not too bother about.)  I may have a hard time snagging the 10" though seeing as how one of those went for upwards of $70 a few days ago.  I miss the days when their records didn't go for anything, so I wouldn't have any trouble snagging them.

May 13, 2013

Totally Abused

One of the most underrated bands of the last decade, Total Abuse released a demo, a few EP's, three full lengths, and some live recordings before bowing out.  This is the bands self titled LP put out on Deranged Records and it's a great display of self-loathing, noise filled hardcore punk.  Take the Faith/Void split and mix it with a heavy dose of self hatred, and you start to get an idea of what this band sounds like.  This would fit nicely between your Cult Ritual and Raw Nerve LP's.

Purple vinyl, wich is somehow still available from the label.  Do yourself a favor and pick this up if you're at all interested in this type of punk.

May 12, 2013

Kill An Addict

In 2013, Hatebreed is still releasing records.  At this point the band is playing a nu-metal/hardcore hybrid (which I don't care for) but the necessity of their first few released cannot be denied.  As I'm sure a lot of you feel the same, I'd argue the band's best material is the debut LP, 'Satisfaction Is The Death of Desire' but the prior EP, 'Under the Knife' is a close second.  The raw production on this EP only adds to the band's highly influential style of moshcore.  Pretty much anything post the band's second LP, 'Perseverance' is boring, but the impact of their first few releases is crucial to this style of hardcore.

Released on Smorgasbord Records, there were both orange and gold variants.  I'm not 100% sure but I'm thinking this is orange, which is limited to 500 copies.

May 11, 2013

Straight NYC Mayhem

I'd love to eventually have a copy of Straight Ahead's 'Breakaway', but it shows up so seldom that when it does, it always goes for a ton.  So for now I'll have to settled for this.  This is a bootleg of all of Straight Ahead's recorded output (sans live recordings) on the A side, and all of NYC Mayhem's (pre-Straight Ahead) recorded output on the B side.  For those unfamiliar with NYC Mayhem - it pretty much sounds like Straight Ahead.  Released on Kill For Christ Records, the insert includes a few interviews with members of SA and lyrics to their tracks.  Not much mention of NYC Mayhem though.

May 8, 2013

Blood Sport

A recent pick up from Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore, this is Phobia's debut LP, 'Means of Existence.'  Say what you will about the band members (mainly the singer/current line up) but this is a classic of the grindcore genre.  Released on Slap A Ham records, this copy is on black.  I believe they also did pink(?) for mailorder.  Deep Six is about to reissue this as well I think.

May 7, 2013

Gold Life

The Rival Mob's debut LP, 'Raw Life' is a record I've been chasing for a while, especially a gold copy.  My friend recently decided to part with his copy and instead of selling it for a ton of money on eBay, he was cool enough to sell it to me for a lot cheaper.  Thanks a ton man.  At this point I have all of the band's release on vinyl, on fairly limited variants.  Not that anyone else cares, but I think it's cool.

Put out on Lockin' Out records, gold vinyl was limited to 300 copies.

May 6, 2013

Still Ill

It's no secret that more times than not I'd prefer an original pressing of something.  There are those who don't care about nerdy shit like that, and then there are dummies like me.  There are also a lot of times when a label will reissue/repress a record that is readily available elsewhere.  With that being said, No Warning's debut LP 'Ill Blood' is a record that was in dire need of a reissue, and Bridge 9 knocked it out of the park with this one.

This thing has been in production for what seems like forever, but finally saw light late last month.  This deluxe reissue couples the band's HUGELY influential first full length on one LP, and their prior 7" and demo on a second single-sided LP, with an awesome screened B side.  I don't need to say anything about this band or record.  They more or less pioneered this sound and any band that came after them owes a great deal of gratitude to them.

I was able to score one of the 'Blood and Piss' color variants, limited to 300 copies.