December 31, 2013

No Reply

Today's post should probably be a best of list, as many other bloggers have done.  Instead of that, I just decided to do a normal post.  I may do a best of within the next few days, I may not.  Who knows.

Anyway, on to the matter at hand.  Here's a record that needs no introduction.  "Get It Away" by one of the original Boston Crew, SSD.  Monumentally influential to many bands playing this style of punk to come after them, especially the resurgence of the Boston sound in the past few years.  Original pressing on Xclaim! Records.  I believe this is the only official pressing the record has ever had, but several different bootlegs do exist.

December 30, 2013

Enigma of Disgust

Vastum is a band I hadn't heard about until 20 Buck Spin put up orders for their latest LP, "Patricidal Lust."  A quick Google search provided a link to the band's music to check out, and I was sold after about 20 seconds.  What you get here is death metal with a huge doom influence.  You won't find any blast beat heavy songs here.  Instead, the songs are slow, heavy, and dark.  A really good introduction to this band, and I'll be looking into tracking down their first LP.  Fans of Bolt Thrower and Mammoth Grinder won't be disappointed here.

The label pressed two different versions of this record.  The standard press on black vinyl, and a limited press on white/black mix vinyl with alternate artwork.  While I (obviously) went for the more limited version, the artwork on the standard is way cooler.  The artwork on the fold-out insert is also the cover art on the standard version.  As you can see below, it's AWESOME.

December 28, 2013

Coming For You

New demo from NYC's CREEP on Electric Assault Records.  Comprised of members of other big names in punk coming from NYC, this band has a different feel.  Whereas the members' other bands (Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, etc.) are much more straight up punk, CREEP has an early NYHC feel.  This demo is pure Warzone/early Agnostic Front inspired hardcore.  Really great stuff, and I prefer this over any of the members' other bands.

December 26, 2013

Total Control Zone

Last year saw the release of the first EP by Boston's Green Beret, which was a solid display of the current state of d-beat hardcore punk.  This year we have the second EP by Green Beret entitled, "The Cult of State."  Another SOLID display of d-beat done by some of current Boston's best.  Released on Side Two Records.

December 24, 2013

Caught In A Fight

Sometimes all you need is some good old straight edge hardcore.  The newest release from Cape Cod's Caught In A Crowd fits the bill.  "The Fight" is 5 songs of high energy straight edge, released on React! Records.  Now that Ev of Mindset fame is at the helm of React! I am hoping the label will get back to its roots in straight edge hardcore.  The last few releases from the label with Aram in charge kind of lost their way, but Ev seems to have gotten the label back on track.

The Shreds of Sanity

Here is Bolt Thrower's third LP, "War Master," recently reissued as part of Earache's Full Dynamic Range stint.  They've been reissuing tons of their back catalog with new mastering jobs and so far they've all sounded great.  This one is no different.  Classic death metal here.  Limited to 300 copies on 'Shreds of Sanity."

December 22, 2013

Fake Ass Scene

I could have sworn I posted about the debut 7" from CA's Caged Animal earlier this year, but a quick search proves that I didn't.  It would have been a shame if I didn't post it at some point during the 2013 year because I'd rate it in the top ten EP's of the year.  Short, knuckle dragging bursts of HARDcore.  Very good, mosh-able stuff.  Released on the (so far) above par Warthog Speak Records.  110 copies on green vinyl.

December 19, 2013

Divide As One

Vinyl version of the 'United States of Mind' demo from Detroit's Freedom, on Lost Time Records.  Members of Face Reality, but this band goes for a more Straight Ahead/early Agnostic Front approach.  Killer stuff, and I actually prefer this over Face Reality.  Single sided 7" with a screened B side.  They also did a Straight Ahead rip sleeve, which I also picked up.  New EP out on Back to Back Records soon.

December 17, 2013

Let Down Straight Edge

Let Down was a Philly (actually Doyelstown) PA straight edge band that existed from the mid 2000's to about 2009/2010.  The band played fast, pissed off, "fuck you" straight edge hardcore.  The singer of this band was infamous for more or less being a prick and doing overall crazy shit while playing live.  Instances include, but are not limited to; knocking beer out of the hands of people watching them play, diving from extreme heights while playing, and beating himself in the face with the mic.  The band released a few EPs and one LP.  This is a test press for that LP titled "We're In This Alone" (which is a play on the classic YOT LP).  This has to be one of my favorite LPs of the last decade.  Really fast, negative straight edge.  I wish there were more bands like this.

I believe there are only 12 test press copies.

December 16, 2013

Criminal Banner

Another solid as hell demo from the Boston scene.  This is the 'The Grip' demo from Chain Rank.  Instead of sounding like a straight up Boston Crew type band, this demo has an added NYHC flair to it.  Imagine SSD plus The Abused and you'll have an idea of what this sounds like.  Definitely a top demo for the year.  Can't wait to see what they release next.  Members of The Combat Zone, Green Beret, etc.

December 15, 2013

Forward Into Hell

This is the recent "Joke's On You" promo tape for the upcoming Boston Strangler LP released for Not Dead Yet fest in Canada a few weeks back.  Features three tracks from said LP, all three of which are rippers.  The first two tracks are similar to those of any Strangler song up until this point (with some added solos!) but the third offers up a bit of variation, mainly in the vocals/semi-melodic chorus.  It's hard to explain what I mean exactly, but if you search hard enough (not hard at all) you can surely find a rip of this tape online.  Needless to say I'm stoked for the upcoming LP.

December 11, 2013

Left to Rot

Recent vinyl pressing of the demo from Melbourne natives Caged Grave.  I was turned onto this band by Sean over at Skull Fucked by his post about the CASSETTE version of this release.  After seeing his brief description of the band and comparing them to Vaccine, I knew I had to hear this.  Very much in the same vein as Vaccine in being PV influenced hardcore, but Caged Grave isn't afraid to slow it down (which Vaccine rarely did).  Overall a very solid mix of fast and slow mosh parts.  As Sean said, perfect production on this too.  Ripping.

I actually ordered a cassette copy of this demo first but just hadn't gotten around to posting about it yet.  Instead, I thought I'd post the vinyl version, since you can check out the cassette version on Sean's blog anyway.

December 8, 2013


Demo tape from a new hardcore band coming out of Western Mass.  Fugitive is made up of members of Hoax, SQRM, and Twerps, so you know what type of band you're getting here.  Ripping, sometimes snotty, hardcore punk.  Solid demo overall, with just the right amount of fuzz on the recording.  Wondering if this band will be active since Hoax is calling it a day and SQRM doesn't do much anymore?

December 7, 2013

Suffering Bantha

Recent split 7" between Poland's Suffering Mind and Canada's Sixbrewbantha, released on Halo of Flies Records.  Good effort from both bands here, Suffering Mind bringing forth their old school straight up grindcore, and SBB playing their crusty style of grindcore.  I haven't been keeping up with Suffering Mind really, since they have to be the most prolific band on the planet - it seems like they release something new every few months - but this material is top notch for this style of grind.  And SBB released a killer LP last year, and their material here is no different.  Overall a killer split.  Red vinyl is limited to 100 copies.

December 5, 2013

One Hit Wonder

This must be the best year for hardcore coming from the UK in the last decade.  Violent Reaction, The Flex, Obstruct, Sectarian Violence (partly), Stab, and now the Arms Race demo.  Containing at least one member of Stab, this band takes the UK82 sound and mixes it with stompy early 80's NYHC.  Arms Race is a much meaner band than Stab, and this demo is a ripper.  I wish I could find a rip of this online so I could jam it when not at home.  Released on Quality Control Records.

December 1, 2013

Drug Free Youth

The Abused is a band that hardly needs an introduction.  Being one of the forefathers of NYHC, pretty much any band after them playing that style or coming from that area owe some type of gratitude to them.  I'm not going to speak in much detail about the band's sound or influence, because that should be well known.  What we have here is the recent reissue of the band's 'Loud and Clear' EP, demo, and some live songs, onto the 12" format thanks to Radio Raheem Records.  A subsidiary of Painkiller Records, you know the presentation on this one was given the utmost care.  Included with the amazing gatefold is a 24 page booklet that includes show flyers and various pictures of the band.  In addition to that, there are some liner notes and a sticker sheet (which I forgot to take a picture of).  I really can't say enough about how fantastically done this is.  The label sold out fairly quick but you should still be able to find copies in distros.  I highly suggest tracking one down if you're not in the business of dropping $700+ for an OG copy of the 7".