June 30, 2014

Godly Beings

Here is one of my favorite death metal LP's of all time.  The debut from the legendary Obituary, "Slowly We Rot."  Obituary set themselves apart from their peers at the time by playing a groove-heavy style of death metal, when most other bands were more focused on blast beats.  What am I even saying?  If you like death metal you know who this band is and how essential this release is.  I believe this is a first press on RoadRacer Records.

June 28, 2014

Waste of Space

I posted about the newest Violent Reaction EP, 'Dead End' a few weeks AGO.  The vinyl version of the EP wasn't ready in time for Damaged City Fest in April so Painkiller had a tape version pressed.  To coincide with the US press on Painkiller Records, Quality Control pressed the EP to vinyl for the UK/Euro crowd.  Here is the white version limited to 100 copies.  The sleeve is similar to the third pressing of the first Violent Reaction EP in that it folds out into a big five panel image.  At this point I'm just waiting for my (hopefully color) copy of the PKR press to show up.

June 19, 2014


I wrote about the debut EP, "Exterminate Me," from New York's Warthog a few months back.  In that post I mentioned another EP slated for this year on Iron Lung Records.  The "Prison" EP dropped a few weeks ago and delivers more of the same early 80's USHC mixed with Japanese HC noise.  Four more solid tracks on display here.  I was able to snag the clear variant.  Does Iron Lung ever release anything that isn't quality?  Sure doesn't seem like it.

June 15, 2014

Cop Disease

Missionary from Brooklyn, NY dropped a pretty solid demo a year or two ago.  Following that demo is the debut EP, "American Strike," put out on Warthog Speak.  Classic USHC on display here, with the slightest of Oi! influence in there for good measure.  This EP is definitely a step up from the demo in my opinion.  Clear vinyl that comes with a massive fold-out insert.  Really solid record/packaging all around.  Looking forward to hearing more from this band and label.

June 13, 2014

Peer Evaluation

Glue hail from Austin, TX and play an early 80's style of hardcore that seems to be quite popular currently.  Burly, noisey, snotty hardcore punk.  This is the band's demo pressed to wax by Lagerville Records.  This is some very solid stuff.  New EP due out on Katorga Works/Video Disease sometime this year.  Looking forward to that one.

June 3, 2014

Numb Skull

Buffalo NY's Water Torture is certainly one of the most prolific powerviolence - or punk in general - bands going.  Having only been around since some time in 2011 the band has released multiple cassettes, split 7"s, and EP's.  See what I mean HERE.  This is the recent discography LP committed to wax by Mannequin Rein Records, which contains 55 tracks.  This is basically a '2011- now' discography though, as the band are still active and I'm sure they have about 10 releases on the horizon at any given time.  Bass and drum powerviolence mastery (save for a few tracks that have guitar) with a heavy dose of noise.  This is the blue vinyl version limited to 30 copies.