September 26, 2013


More often than not, split records are a bust.  Sure, you may pick it up because you like a band on one of the sides, but most likely the other side will suck.  Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but I'd say a good 80% of the time I pass on split records.  Every so often there is a split in which both sides kill - which is the case with the latest release on Bad Teeth Recordings.  Contender for split of the year in my opinion, here we have the Spine/Repos split on lemon lime green, limited to 100 copies.  Both sides show some of the respective bands' best material.  The Spine side brings four stompy mosh jams, while on the Repos side we get the band's best material since changing their name the first time (ie I think their output here is better than anything they released as The Ropes, or the 10 song demo they released after reforming as The Repos).  The Repos even close out their side with a rendition of a Spine song from the Subhuman 7".  Seriously essential stuff here, and John is really making Bad Teeth into one of my favorite current labels.  So far the label is 4/4 with top notch releases.  Wonder what's next.

September 24, 2013

Acid Trip

Subject to a fair amount of hype recently, Power Trip really is a solid crossover band.  Here is the band's 'Armageddon Blues' EP, which precedes their newest LP  Double Or Nothing Records.  The music here is fairly similar to that LP too - thrashy hardcore/metal.  Not sure how many of these were pressed.

September 21, 2013

Undead Warmachine

In continuation of my previous post, here is War Master's prior EP, 'Thrones of Tyranny.'  More of the same Bolt Thrower ripoff death metal, and that is in no way a bad thing.  More amazing artwork by the band's vocalist (although I think someone else did the back cover art).  There is a new EP that just dropped this year, but so far I've only seen it on CD and tape formats, but am hoping for a vinyl release.  If not, I'll definitely nab it on tape.  Torture Garden Picture Company Records, just like their LP.

I believe white vinyl was limited to 200 copies.

September 18, 2013

Mass Cremation

War Master is a death metal band from Texas fronted by none other than Daniel Shaw.  For those unaware, Shaw is responsible for a good bit of artwork used by bands coming from Texas such as, Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge, among others.  He of course did the artwork for this, War Master's debut LP 'Pyramid of the Necropolis.'  If the band name wasn't evidence enough, War Master worships at the throne of Bolt Thrower (they're named after a Bolt Thrower record.)  And they do a hell of a job.  Really good, solid, plodding death metal that rarely uses any type of blasts.

This is the blue vinyl version of the LP, limited to 200 copies.  Again, sorry for the bad picture(s), I'll get a real camera one of these days...

September 12, 2013

Breathing Test

A few weeks ago Brendan Radigan of The Rival Mob, Mind Eraser, Magic Circle, and just about every other good band out of Boston was selling a few things on eBay.  Some rare stuff including a Magic Circle test, Soul Swallower test, and a Breathing Fire LP test.  While I definitely like all three of those bands/records, I only went for the Breathing Fire test press.  I knew the Magic Circle would go for more than I wanted to pay, and I think the fact that the Soul Swallower LP test only had a plain white sleeve kind of drove me away from those two.  Which left me with the Breathing Fire test.  I scored this for a very reasonable price, considering the quality of this release.  Powerviolence/metal influenced hardcore, not dissimilar to Mind Eraser.  This LP is EXTREMELY underrated.  Limited to 25 copies.

September 11, 2013

Extra Meth

Following my post from yesterday about New Zealand's best sludge outfit, here is the EP follow up to that LP.  Split release on Raw Birth and Crucificados, this two song 7" continues the band's same filthy sludge noise.  Nice gatefold sleeve for a 7" too, depicting all sorts of convenience store robberies.  The layout on this thing SCREAMS Dystopia.

The band just recently dropped a split with Moloch, which is on its way to me now.  Hopefully I'll have that to post soon too.

September 10, 2013

Skull Smashing Concrete

Maaaaaaaannn, this record is dirty.  I'm talking about the debut LP by New Zealand's Meth Drinker.  Originally released in a small run (only 100 copies) on Always Never Fun Records in 2011, it was then repressed by Raw Birth Records in a slightly larger run (only 300 copies).  This is of the latter press.  Musically this band has a large Eyehategod/Dystopia/Grief feel, complete with samples and all.  I've been loving sludge lately and this record more than hits the spot.

September 9, 2013

More Worship

Another day, another post about a band who worships at the altar of Warzone.  Here is the Iron Boots demo pressed to wax by Grave Mistake Records, on black vinyl.  This honestly sounds like it could be a long lost Warzone demo, albeit with better production.  The vocalist definitely gives his best Raybeez impression too.  Members went on to form Fire & Ice, among others I'm sure.  I believe this release is going to be coupled with the band's other recordings on an upcoming LP compilation, out on Grave Mistake and Triple B Records.

September 8, 2013

Fend For Yourself

Debut EP from Demolition titled 'World Gone Mad'.  Some serious late 80's NYHC worship here - mainly Warzone and the like.  Triple B records.  Very solid release.  Orange vinyl is limited to 100 copies I believe, the rest of the press is on blue.  The entire press is only 500 copies though so act fast if you want one.  If anyone is interested in a blue copy, I have one that I'd part with for cheap.  I have no need for two copies of the same record.

September 6, 2013

Turn Blue

Here is the debut LP 'Wilderness' by Portland band Long Knife.  I'll start by saying that this sounds A LOT like Poison Idea.  The leads, solos, drum parts, vocals, all point to the mighty PDX band.  That is not a complaint at all on my part, as I love PI.  This has a big Feel The Darkness vibe throughout, but Long Knife doesn't play any real slow parts that are sometimes found on that LP.  This is the Chaos In Tejas test press version of this record, with a screened cover and stamped center label.  Not sure what the standard version looks like though, so that may be similar.  Feral Ward made the leftover copies from that fest available online so I opted for it over the standard version.

September 3, 2013

The Hammer

This is a record that was hard to get my hands on.  Think I Care's 10" 'Mongrel,' doesn't come up too often as is, and this Posi Fest cover variant even less so.  A few months ago I came across someone selling one of these off eBay, so I decided it was time to buy it.  After the seller running into some health/financial issues, it finally shows up at my door close to three months later.  No hard feelings though, the seller did come through in the end.  Anyways, this is some of my favorite TIC material, right between their early raw stuff and their later kind of tough guy sound.  Good stuff.

September 2, 2013

Black Embrace

Here is another slab of early 90's Finnish death metal committed to wax by Relapse Records, the 'Privilege of Evil' EP by Amorphis.  Another strong release from the label this year, this EP was previously a CD only release, and has been put to wax for the first time this year.  Glad Relapse finally did that, as these songs are killer.  The band would later morph into more of an early hard rock/heavy metal band, but the greatness of their early material cannot be denied.  Kind of weak on the packaging though, as it doesn't even have an insert.

White vinyl, limited to 281 copies.