December 11, 2012

Pound of Flesh

Few tapes for today.  First up is the new promo tape from Hounds of Hate.  I believe these are songs from the upcoming LP due out on Painkiller early next year.  This band plays early 80's NYHC in the vein of Sick Of It All, Warzone, etc.  One of my current favorites for sure.  If these songs are any indication, the LP is going to be a straight up ripper.

Next is the Not Dead Yet Mixtape from Chicago's Skrapyard.  80's Boston/NYHC with some major Oi influence.  Included are both a Negative Approach and Cocksparrer cover, if that's any indication of their style.

Last but certainly not least is the demo tape from Boston's MFP.  They play, you guessed it, Boston hardcore with an emphasis on the HARD.  I've ordered the new EP from them that Painkiller just released, so I should have that one soon.  A good haul of tapes.

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