December 14, 2012

Termini Terrae

This post is a big deal for a few key reasons.  Firstly because this new EP, Termini Terrae, by Rot In Hell marks the band's first recorded material with their new vocalist.  For those who don't know Lecky of Voorhees fame is now handling the vocal duties, and any reservations you may have had about the band with the new frontman can be thrown out.  His vocals are a perfect replacement for Nate and this band as a whole.

Another reason that this record is a big deal is that it is the first release on Dark Empire Records since the 90's.  The label was started by Dvvid of Integrity and went to release some awesome records, but was put to rest a long time ago.  Here we are in 2012 and Dvvid's son has started up the label again.

The third and final reason that this is a big deal is because I love the shit out of this band.  Pure metallic Holy Terror style hardcore at its finest.  This band is second only to the mighty Integrity when it comes to this style of music.  The four tracks on display here are some of the band's finest material to date.  This record has arrived just in time to make my end-of-year list.  I'll have to drop something else from the list since I've pretty much finished it but this will definitely be in there.

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