June 24, 2013

Can't Waste Love

California Love is more than just a rad 2Pac/Dre song.  Exisiting from the mid 2000's until recently (I'm almost positive they're now inactive) the band released two great LP's, a split with Gehenna and a 7" - I'm sure there's a demo and/or something else I'm missing too.  This is their first LP, 'Can't Waste Death,' released on the band's own Calilove Records.  Crust/grind/powerviolence is the band's style, and they rarely stray away from that on any of their recordings.  This band really is the definition of the word grimy when referring to music.  I won this record recently on eBay for stupid cheap (possibly because it was listed as "California Live"?) which is awesome for me.  I know at least two variations of this record exist.  The one I have here, and another with the same cover but the orange parts are screened in blue.

Not sure on pressing numbers.


  1. Sadly C/L is no more. Members played in a post Cali Love band called Cardboard Funeral, but I think they're inactive as well. Nic now plays in Gehenna.

    As for pressing info for Can't Waste Death, this is what I've been told.

    /4 Test Press
    /100 Blue Vinyl
    /900 Black Vinyl w/ Various color covers

  2. Awesome, thanks dude. I'll have to check out Cardboard Funeral.