June 22, 2013

Corrupt Torture

Bass and drum powerviolence isn't something that sounds too interesting.  With that said, there are some recent bands that do it pretty well considering the lack of guitar in the mix.  Buffalo's Water Torture are probably the best representation of this style that I've ever heard.  On this single-sided split with Corrupt Bastards, Water Torture brings one new original and one cover by the almighty SIEGE.  What was once a two piece has now formed into a three piece with TWO bassists - still no guitar (however I know they have recorded songs with  electric guitar on them).  The new song is pretty typical of the band and the cover is actually one of the slower Siege songs, but is really well done.  Corrupt Bastards follows with 5 tracks of fast bass/drum pv.  This is an interesting take on the bass/drum sound as there doesn't appear to be any type of distortion on the bass.  So it just sounds like drums, vocals, and a normal low-end bass.  Kind of odd but I do like their songs on here, but I think this band would actually benefit from having a guitar in the mix.

Released on Mannequin Rein Records, this is the more common variant on purple marble, numbered out of 311 copies.

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