June 18, 2013


So far this year has been great for new full lengths.  Just to name a few: The Rival Mob, Violent Reaction, Integrity, and now Power Trip.  With Southern Lord at the helm, this release screams quality.  From the music, to the art, to the packaging, this is all top notch.  If you're not in the know, Power Trip is from Texas and plays a style of crossover thrash reminiscent of Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., etc.  'Manifest Decimation' is the band's first full length following two EPs, a demo, and some comp tracks.  A serious rager of an LP.

The first 500 copies were on red vinyl.


  1. Didn't realize that Chris from mammoth grinder drums for this band until last week. Haven't really listened to this yet. Will need to this week I think.

  2. Also don't forget LPs from magic circle, iron lung, bone sickness, machetazo, entrails and all the amazing stuff coming up. Good year indeed.

  3. Definitely can't forget those. Still need to check out the Machetazo LP. New Hatred Surge is extremely good too.

    I knew that members from Mammoth Grinder were in Power Trio, just wasn't sure which ones.

  4. I'm stupid, this is my first hearing of this coming out and its already oop. Fuck.