June 16, 2013

Snake Suicide

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited when I heard there was going to be a new Integrity LP in 2013.  When details about the release started to come together like the title 'Suicide Black Snake' and the art, I grew impatient and felt like I needed the record immediately.  Fast forward a few months and A389 Records put up preorders for the record with two different color variants - gray and "fireball", both of which were limited to 100.  I made sure to be on their site right as preorders went up so I could grab the fireball variant, and it's good I did because both colors seemed to sell out really quick.  Fast forward a few more weeks and the record shows up in the mail.  I made it a point to avoid listening to any streams/rips/whatever before receiving my copy.  I wanted it to be completely fresh when I listened to it the first time, and wanted to go into it without any bias.  I'm glad I did.

Throw out any notion that this band has overstayed its welcome.  Stop with things like, "Dwid and his scab lineup that plays in Integrity nowadays."  This LP is downright awesome.  Robb Orr has some seriously great riffs up his sleeve.  Dwid's voice sounds as good as ever.  And the recording is perfect for this record.  Some of the songs are re-recorded from previous releases with Orr on them, but I'm fine with that because those songs have some rough recordings and they get a good treatment on this release.  There are a few new elements in some of these songs too.  A small harmonica part being one, which then leads into a bluesy riff.  I'm far from being a good music reviewer, so I'll move on to the pictures.

An awesome gatefold layout with the clear/invisible ink that has become the norm for the band.

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