June 13, 2013

New Old Songs

Here is the recent EP 'Days Turn Black'  put out on Draw Blank Records for Infest's few reunion shows.  The songs here are leftovers from the 'No Man's Slave' era - which is the band at their prime (in my opinion.)  That being said, you can tell these songs are leftovers.  Not that they are bad, I mean c'mon, even bad Infest is good Infest, but they are not up to par with the rest of that record.  What you get are two standard Infest songs, one jazzy song, (seriously) and a Negative Approach cover.  I don't want it to sound like I think this sucks because I don't.  I love this band and am always glad to add some of their records to my collection.

Seeing as how this thing was going for around $50 immediately after their set at Maryland Death Fest, the band decided to put some up on eBay with cheap buy it now prices.  I jumped at the chance to snag a copy.  This is the pre-press with blank labels.  I believe a regular pressing is on the way.

What's with bands printing credits on the INSIDE of a pocket sleeve?  Not a big fan of that.

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