November 5, 2012

Book Burner In Ward 6

Here is the new Pig Destroyer record that I've been waiting for, Book Burner.  A lot of people have been complaining about the production on this one - mainly the drums.  In the past the production has been kind of raw but at the same time not sounding like shit, but on this one everything is pretty much crystal clear.  I'm sure the reason behind the drum sound on this record lies with the new drummer coming from the band Misery Index, which is a more death metal oriented band.  His drumming is fantastic, but his style is more fit for a death metal band.  Another issue for some people here are the vocals.  Again, they aren't as harsh as in previous recordings but they are by no means weak.  The actual songs on here are still really good.  Scott Hull truly is a riff machine.

After listening to this thing a few times through I'm honestly not sure what to think about it.  I do like it but I just don't know how it stacks up against past Pig Destroyer releases.  If you're a fan of grindcore at all, this record deserves at least a listen from you.

There were about 6 different variations of this to choose from, and as you can see I opted for the 180g black version.

While I'm on this band I figured I'd post two more record of theirs I got recently.  First up is their debut LP, Explosions In Ward 6.  This is classic Pig Destroyer.  Raw as hell, and just plain amazing.  This is my favorite style of grindcore.

Scored a green copy, limited to 200 pieces.

And last but not least, their split with the screamo band Orchid.  The band is on point here again, but I could really take or leave the Orchid side.  They're good at what they do, I'm just not the biggest fan.

Tour press, hand numbered out of 50 copies.

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