November 19, 2012


Subject to a large amount of hype currently, here is another release from Boston's No Tolerance.  This Discography LP was pressed by Quality Control out of the UK for the band's (you guessed it) recent UK tour.  This one compiles tracks from the Boston Straight Edge demo and No Remorse, No Tolerance 7", plus a previously unreleased track.  By now you've heard the demo and 7" so you should know what you're getting here.  The unreleased track, "Victimized," does leave a little to be desired.  The main riff is hard hitting, per usual for the band, but that's it.  It's pretty much 1:20 of the same riff throughout the whole song.  It's still a good track, just probably one of the band's weakest.

Quality Control recently sent out an email to be notified if the band had any leftovers, so when I received the message I sent my payment right away requesting a green copy.  No Tolerance is easily one of my favorite current bands, so ordering a copy of this was a no-brainer.  I then forwarded the message to my friend who lives one town over, and he did the same.  A few weeks later his package showed up some heavy damage to the corner.  The sleeve on his was mangled in one corner, but the record itself was mint.  The sender had even packaged it with two other leftover covers for padding, but those two were also messed up.  A day later my package shows up in perfect condition, and all three of the covers that were in mine were perfect as well.  So I gave one of my spares to my friend and all is right in the world.

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  1. Quality release. I had the same problem as your friend, to a lesser degree. My only complaint was the label had 0 contact after sending payment