November 13, 2012

The Fixer

A few demos I've acquired recently.  First up is the Oblivionation demo, which is easily my favorite of the bunch.  Featuring ex members of Out Cold, this band plays raging early Boston influenced hardcore.  This demo seriously fucking RIPS.  I believe the band did an initial run of 50 tapes, then Bleeding Edges from New Jersey took over and produced 200 more copies.  This tape is from the latter run.

Second demo is from Richmond's BARGE.  This is another very, very good demo.  Hardcore with a very big powerviolence feel to it.

Next up is a release from another Richmond band, Hard Stripes.  Featuring members of a lot of other current bands (Fire & Ice, etc.) Hard Stripes plays a more stripped down style of hardcore.  Very similar to a lot of the current Toronto crop - Urban Blight (I guess they're not really current anymore), Violent Future, etc.  The songs here are really good, but this tape sounds like shit.

Lastly is the No Rules demo by Boston/DC's Intent.  Boasting members of both Free Spirit and Give, this band sounds almost exactly like Free Spirit.  If you're at all a fan of Free Spirit this one is a no brainer for you.

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