November 7, 2012

Starting A Collection

I recently decided to start up an Extortion collection.  I haven't done this until now because I haven't had a good opportunity to do so, but I was able to acquire all of the following records through a recent trade.  I suppose it makes the most sense to go in chronological order, so here goes.

First up is the self titled 7".  This is a third press copy, which has a black sleeve.  The first press was released by Eerie Stratum Records and had a white sleeve I believe, and the second and third pressings were a split release by Fifth Column and Stained Circles.  The second press was on the 12" format, and the third was back to a 7".

Next up is the band's first LP, Degenerate.  This is a first press on green vinyl of 500 copies, released by Deep Six Records out of the US.  This is probably my favorite material form the band.

Next up of the records I got recently is the band's second LP, Sick.  Not as strong as their first long player, but not weak either.  This one was also released by Deep Six, limited to 1,000 copies on purple marble.

This is the Terminal Cancer 7" released by Way Back When Records and Short Fuse Records.  First press, out of 450 copies.  This is probably my second favorite release from the band.

And lastly is the Deep Six/Resist Records split release by the band, the Loose Screws 10".  While I still like this release, I'd have to say this is the band's weakest effort out of this lot of records.

I've got a long way to go in completing my collection for this band, but I'd say I'm off to a good start.

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