November 9, 2012

Sick Of Talk

Here's a recent fanclub/bootleg pressing of the full 1987 Infest demo recording.  Let me first say that this is the longest demo recording of any band I've ever seen - 19 songs!  There are some bands that don't write that many songs in their entire existence, and Infest had that many on their fucking demo.  That's why this band rules.  As I've stated before, Infest is one of the most influential hardcore punk bands of all time, especially when you're talking about the powerviolence/fastcore sub-genre(s).

This boot is really well done.  Black vinyl with blank labels, and the cover folds out into this cool collage of show fliers in which the band played.  I'm always glad to add an Infest record to my collection and this one is no exception.  Whoever did this boot deserves a pat on the back.  Well done, whoever you are.

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