November 21, 2012

Empty Void

What I have here may be the split of the year.  The recent(ish) Coke Bust/Vaccine split that was released by Refuse Records out of Europe.  The only thing that gets me more excited than when one of my favorite bands releases new music, is when two of my favorite bands are on the same release.  Such is the case with this split, as both Coke Bust and Vaccine are two of my favorite active bands.  If you're unfamiliar, Coke Bust plays DC hardcore, but at a lightning pace.  Vaccine plays a similar style, but has a more powerviolence influence.  On this split both bands bring some of their best material to date.  I seriously can't get enough of this split right now.  The U.S. press is due out soon on Drugged Conscience, and if the layout/art is any different I'm sure I'll grab a copy.  Limited to 210 copies on blue vinyl.

While I'm on the subject of Coke Bust I figure I'll post another of their records that I've acquired recently.  This is the band's demo pressed to wax, released by Headcount Records.  As far as I know there were a few different cover color/vinyl color combinations.  Mine is clear vinyl with a pink cover.  While I do like this demo, I like their later material a whole lot more.  The songs on display here aren't as fast or angry, but it's still really good.  This copy is hand-numbered out of 29/100.  Is this a record release version or something?  Does anyone know?

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  1. pink cover was a pre order deal. i landed one direct from the label in a pre order back when it was first released.