September 13, 2012

Face It

If feels like I preordered the new Face Reality EP, Strong Survive, ages ago.  In reality (see what I did there?) it wasn't that long ago but when you're looking forward to something a short wait can feel like it's forever.  Blah blah blah, enough with the whining about nothing.  Onto the actual record, which I think is my favorite release so far from this band.

While I liked the demo, Positive Change EP, and Self Titled EP, I think the band has really come into their own on this one.  Continuing on with the slight change in sound from Positive Change to the self titled, Strong Survive offers up 6 tracks of youth crew inspired hardcore.  I'd liken this band's sound more to Judge than to Youth of Today though, which is fine with me since I've always preferred the more ignorant styled youth crew bands.

Limited to 150 copies on "orange vinyl," however this came out looking a lot closer to red than orange.

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