September 6, 2012

Integrity Overload

Integrity is one of the best bands of all time.  Period.  That is not up for discussion.  So when Organized Crime Records decides to reissue one of their releases, I'm all for it.  The latest reissue is for Integrity's second LP, Systems Overload from 1995.  As with all of the reissues Clint does, there were several different  preorder packages to choose from.  I'm generally not one to collect 10 different color variants of the same release, but if they have different/special covers, often times I'll try to grab that as well as the standard.  Such is the case with the order I placed with OCR.  First up is the limited Stephen Kasner cover version.

Hand numbered, out of 320 copies.  Mine is #064.

On grey/smoke vinyl.  As you can see, the dust sleeve was stamped with the Integ skull and logo.

Next up is the standard cover.

The back and inside covers all have the clear text that is revealed when light hits it at the right angle.

White vinyl, hand numbered out of 225 copies.  Again, I got #064.  As you can see, the Integrity logo was stamped with red ink on this dust sleeve instead of black for the limited cover.

The back side of the insert has liner notes from Aaron Melnick about the writing/recording of the record.  I love reading stuff like this.

I decided to pull out my OG copy of the record to compare with the reissue.

Standard black vinyl.  The OG press has the same B Side label as the reissue, but the A side is different.

Also included in the reissue was a poster of the Armenian Persecution poster done by (I believe) one of the Melnick's, and a folder filled with old flyers for Integ shows.  I didn't want to add those photos since I feel like I've already got way too many in this post.

All in all, an excellent reissue from OCR.  I look forward to the future releases!

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