September 30, 2012


Another of my recent acquisitions is one of the original presses for Integrity's debut LP - Those Who Fear Tomorrow, but as you can see here, is titled, "...And For Those Who Fear Tomorrow."  Technically this is a reissue of the record, which was originally a CD only release.  Marcus at The Endless Quest did a really great write-up of this record a few years back, which is way better than anything I could ever put together.  It's all rather confusing, with the different pressing numbers, etc., but he does a good job trying to figure out what the facts are.  Check that out HERE.

There are several different cover/vinyl color combinations.  Mine is a red cover with white vinyl.

Included with this record is a little booklet that has lyrics, and Integrity's discography up until this point.  I like nerdy things like this.

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