September 26, 2012

Keeping True to the Blog

I realize that I've had almost 30 posts on this blog that I labeled as a "Hardcore/punk/metal record collecting blog," but this marks the first time I've posted about an actual metal record.  Sure, a lot of my posts are hardcore bands that have metal influence (Integrity, Ringworm, Like Rats, etc.) but this marks the first time I've posted an LP by an actual metal band.  The record I'm speaking of is Sepultura's third full length "Beneath the Remains."

Back when Max and Igor Cavalera were both still in the band, Sepultura was a force to be reckoned with.  I would count them among the top thrash metal outfits of the 80's.  The band's later releases strayed a bit from the straight thrash sound, and even went into some nu-metal territory with their current vocalist, but in 1989 they released this LP, which I would count among the top 5 thrash metal records of all time.

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