September 22, 2012

My Favorite Season

About a week ago I had listed a copy of the Crazy Spirit Demo LP on eBay.  After a few days I get a message asking me that if this person won the auction, could they do a local pickup.  Since they only lived one town over I said yes and then proceeded to send them my full list of records.  There were a good bit more he was interested in, so we made plans to meet up at his house and trade some records.  What I came away with were some very big 'wants' of mine, and first up is Integrity's 'Seasons in the Size of Days.'

Seasons is what I consider Integrity's last great LP before their break up, however I love pretty much everything they've done since reforming.  With songs like "Rise," "Sarin," and "Diseased Prey Within Casing," this record is definitely a classic.

I was lucky enough to secure a grey copy through the trade.

The band looking decidedly nu metal here.  Surely a sign of things to come.

I ended up with a good many records through the trade with my new buddy, so expect a good many more posts about them.

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