September 14, 2012

Use and Abuse

Here's a band I had heard little to nothing about prior to React! putting up preorders.  I'm talking about the Toxic Fumes EP that Growing Stronger just dropped.  When the preorders went up I listened to a track from the band, and while I liked it, I held off on ordering a copy since I didn't have much money to spend at that time.

Fast forward a few months and I had forgotten about the band until I saw the EP pop up in Deathwish's distro.  I saw they had all three colors available so I ordered a copy of the rarest variant, and a few days later this EP was on my doorstep.

The first track I heard by the band I had liked but it didn't really STICK with me.  After listening to the whole record, which is about 6 minutes total, all I can say is that I shouldn't have slept on ordering a copy.  This EP is a ripper.  Fast DC style straight edge.  If you like bands like Coke Bust and Sick Fix, Growing Stronger is for you.

Gold vinyl, limited to 200 copies.

Another solid release from React! Records.

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