September 7, 2012

More Than A Side Project

Chicago's Like Rats have just released a monster of a debut LP.  Featuring members of fellow Chicago based band Weekend Nachos, Like Rats takes a much different approach to hardcore.  Scathing, black metal tinged metallic hardcore is what this band does, and they do it extremely well - obviously taking influence from the likes of Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, early black metal, and even some early death metal/thrash.  Blending all of these styles into one may seem like disaster, but I assure you it works in spades.

While I'd say fans of metallic hardcore, older black metal, and d-beat will undoubtedly find something to like here, the only band that comes to mind for a solid comparison (to me) is Gehenna.  I don't necessarily think these two bands sound alike, but I think fans of Gehenna will definitely like this band.  Maybe it's the vocals?  Who knows.  Listen for yourself HERE

Like Rats is more than just a 'side project' of a bigger band.  Weekend Nachos is one of my favorite current bands, but if they broke up I wouldn't be totally devastated because I'd still have Like Rats.

This comes on oxblood colored vinyl.

There are still copies available at A389.  Do not sleep on this band.

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