September 19, 2012


Upon first listen you may think DNA is from Boston because of the Boston hardcore vibe they put forth, but you'd be wrong.  In reality they are from Maine..?  Close enough to Boston, right?

Boasting members of Cruel Hand and Wake Up Call, DNA plays a style of hardcore different than both of the aforementioned bands.  Like I said, there is a Boston vibe on display here, but at certain points in the songs I hear crossover type riffs.  It helps further my crossover hunch that the band throws a gnarly solo in pretty much every song.  It's like if you took the current Boston style (a la The Rival Mob) and mixed it with old D.R.I. you'd have DNA.  I may be way off on that but that's just what I think.

Limited to 100 copies on black/white swirl vinyl.

There's A LOT going on here on the inside fold of the sleeve.

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