September 12, 2012

The Spine Splitter

Today (or yesterday, really) brings what may be one of my favorite EP's so far this year, the Subhuman 7" from Spine out of the Midwest.  I say 'out of the Midwest' because members hail from both Chicago and Kansas City.

Spine features Weekend Nachos frontman John Caution on drums, and Sorry Excuse frontman doing what he does best on the mic.  You probably know what to expect here sound wise.  Fast, sometimes heavy hitting hardcore, not dissimilar to Sorry Excuse or Weekend Nachos (minus the heavy sludge riffs).

As with his other band Sorry Excuse, Antonio sounds overly pissed on this recording.  Like at any moment he could barge through the speakers and bash your face in because he hates you.  He's backed by a more than competent band that only furthers the anger in his voice.  This is the way hardcore is supposed to be played; fast, sometimes heavy, and fucking pissed.

My only complaint about this EP is the length - which is hardly a complaint at all.  Six songs in just as many minutes.  I'm not complaining about song length, I just wish there were more songs on this release.

An excellent first release for John Caution's new label Bad Teeth Recordings.  Seriously check out this band if you're a fan of Sorry Excuse or Weekend Nachos.  And if you don't like those two bands, chances are you're an asshole.

It's hard to see, but it says SPINE in dark green ink along the left side, and SUBHUMAN in the bottom right corner.  It was listed as orange vinyl for preorders, but this is more of a gold.  I think it was limited to 50 copies?  Not sure on that one.

Mr. John Caution on the kit.

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