October 4, 2012


Now that I've posted about all of the awesome records I got through my recent trade, I can talk about some of the new things that have shown up in the mail since then.  The debut (and sole) recording from Boston's Prisoner Abuse.  Made up of the usual suspects, this recording goes for an '82 Boston hardcore vibe and nails it on the head.  If you dig the original Boston crew bands or any of the newer bands playing that style (I'm looking at you, Stranglah') you will definitely be into this.  I believe I read somewhere that the songs were tracked in 2004-2005, but the vocals weren't tracked until this year.  Weird, but I'm glad these songs finally got a release.

On clear vinyl, limited to 150 copies.


  1. Jealous of the clear copy. I wish I had ordered it sooner!

    1. I checked Painkiller's site like twice a day until this was put up, haha. I'm a fiend!