October 3, 2012


This marks the last noteworthy thing I have acquired through my recent trade, Floorpunch's - Fast Times at the Jersey Shore.  Along with In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight, and Fastbreak, Floorpunch spearheaded the youth crew revival of the 90's.  Whereas their contemporaries played a more positive approach to youth crew, Floorpunch was closer to Judge in regards to sound/lyrics/attitude/etc.  FP is easily my favorite of the youth crew revival bands and one of my top hardcore bands of all time.  Essential listening.

While I'm on the subject of FP and FP related things, here is a top contender for demo of the year: World War 4.  Featuring Mark Porter of Floorpunch on vocals, backed by DFJ, CC, and Doug Free of just about every good current Boston band.  Old school Boston/NYHC played to perfection.  I love how there is a divebomb in every song.  So good.

I'm sure you've been hearing a lot about this demo and I personally think this band is worth the hype.  Do not sleep on this.

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