October 10, 2012

It's Natural

Natural Law is a band whose members reside in both NYC and DC, and you can hear that in their music.  Mixing late era Minor Threat with some more melodic bands of the same time period, you have Natural Law.  The 'Find the Flock' LP the band released earlier this year was a huge step up from their previous material, but I think this 7" is their best material.  Pressed by Hardware Records out of Germany, this EP was originally released as a tape back in 2010 so I'm glad to see it pressed to wax.

On white vinyl, limited to 110 copies.  I like the art on this record, but it's kind of a bummer there aren't any lyrics included.  Oh well.

While I was picking up the Natural Law 7" I figured I'd grab (another) copy of the Urban Blight 'Total War' 7" to justify the shipping cost.  I had traded away my original copy of this EP and decided I wanted it back - something I seem to do too often.  If you don't know, Urban Blight plays a style of hardcore I can only describe as the "Toronto" sound.  Mean, ugly hardcore influenced by Agnostic Front, Negative Approach, etc.  The sleeve folds out into a 6 panel poster.  Sucks that this band is calling it a day.


  1. Oh shit! it looks like I'm about to get hosed for some shipping from Germany haha. I got to have this on white!

    1. I think it's definitely worth the postage. This is their best material if you ask me!