October 26, 2012


The opening track on the self titled LP from Victoria, BC's own Six Brew Bantha starts in a way that would make you think you're going to be disappointed in the record.  The beginning of the song was recorded to purposely sound like utter shit, but this only lasts for a short while until the awesome production of the record kicks in to showcase how tight this three piece can be.  The guitars cut through in a mean way, the vocals are maniacal, and the snare tone is perfect for this type of grindcore band.  This LP is a HUGE step up from previous releases by the band.  It's almost like a night/day difference between this and their earlier material.  Along with the new Pig Destroyer record (which I'm sure will blow me away), this is up there for top grind record released this year.  Co-released by no less than a plethora of labels, I believe 8 to be exact, I grabbed this one from To Live A Lie.  If you have any interest in grindcore at all, listen to this band.

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