October 31, 2012


Two 7"s by newer bands playing the powerviolence style.  Tinnitus' debut EP, Gehenna.  I actually released this EP as a tape on my little label, Look Alive Records, a few months back.  Here the EP sees a vinyl release by the mighty To Live A Lie Records.  Taking cues from the greats like No Comment, Neanderthal, etc., this is some really well done (in my opinion) powerviolence worship.

The other record here is the Maladapted EP by Pennsylvania's Backslider.  Also released by To Live A Lie and a few others if memory serves.  Ultra negative, two piece fastcore/powerviolence unit.  I can't help but be reminded of older Iron Lung when I listen to this band, but that might just be because each band only has two members.

I decided to go ahead and upload a picture of the tape version of the Tinnitus EP that I released, just for comparison.  I've long since sold out of these tapes so grab a vinyl copy from TLAL or a distro, it's well worth it.

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