October 6, 2012

Self Hate

The debut EP 'I Hate My Body,' from NYC's Goosebumps is a ripper.  Self-loathing, dirty NYHC fronted by a madman.  Released on Burn Books Records, fans of the current crop of bands releasing music on Toxic State Records and Youth Attack Records (Crazy Spirit, The Ropes, Hoax, etc.) will surely be into this band.  Or if you are simply looking for some down and dirty hardcore, look no further.  There are times when the vocalist seriously sounds like he hates himself and could put an end to his own misery at any moment.  Songs about hating oneself, drugs, etc. - what's not to like here?

And do I even need to mention how awesome this cover art is?  This cover is a very good representation of the music that's on display here.


  1. seriously want to buy this just for the artwork.

  2. You should pick it up. (I think) the music definitely holds up too.